Ordinary Equality

A half-hour video commemorating the 100th anniversary of the  ratification of the 19th Amendment produced by Greener New Jersey Productions

Alice Paul 1974   I never doubted that equal rights was the right direction. Most reforms, most problems are complicated. But to me, there is nothing complicated about Ordinary Equality.

Project Overview

A half-hour video and several short videos on the struggle for women’s suffrage are under development by Greener New Jersey Productions. The videos will be available for broadcast and streaming and will illustrate the complexities of the struggle for women’s suffrage and the intersection with other social causes through the personal stories of New Jersey suffragists against a national backdrop. The videos will explore how many women – and men – are still denied the right to vote.

Real People and Their Stories

Behind the struggle for the vote are real people, women and men, all races and a range of ages and geography. The national story of suffrage is a fascinating study of power. The local on-the-ground New Jersey story is riveting with personal stories that happened in places we know:  Montclair, Mount Laurel, Shrewsbury, Summit, Tenafly, and Trenton.

The struggle will be told through the personal stories of several New Jersey suffragists. The inclusion of each person  will be determined as the video evolves. Our goal is to make this a personal story of real people who affected our lives in a positive way. We will examine the racial issues that divided the struggle, and the barriers to voting that exist today.

Focus on New Jersey

Ordinary Equality will include three major elements, although the story will not be told in a linear fashion

  • The national context for suffrage
  • A focus on the suffrage movement in New Jersey
  • Continued struggles to overcome voter oppression, discrimination, and apathy

Ordinary Equality will look at

  • Inspiration: How the Haudenosaunee Confederacy in New York State inspired women’s suffrage
  • Inequality: Divisions of race and class
  • Resolution and Dedication: The work of New Jersey suffragists
  • Perseverance: Current struggles for equality
  • Power: The ratification process

Primary Products

  • A half-hour video for broadcast and streaming that will be offered to public television and cable
  • Three short videos (3 to 5 minutes each) for streaming, embedding, and social media

Supporting Products

  • Web pages on Greener NJ Productions website plus a presence on Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram and other sites
  • Embeddable videos available after broadcast at no charge
  • Promotion on social media


  • General viewing public ages 10 and up
  • All economic and ethnic groups
  • New Jersey focus with national interest


  • Half-hour video – offered to public television, streamed on GNJP website and Vimeo
  • Short videos – streamed on a diverse and wide-ranging social media platform, offered for embedding (no fee)


  • October 2019 through 2020 – development and fundraising
  • March & April 2020 – filming
  • May & June 2020 – editing
  • July 2020 – complete video
  • August 2020 – available for broadcast and streaming

Web Pages on GNJP Website

  • Information on the individuals and sites included in the videos
  • Links to more information and appropriate supporting sites
  • All the videos
  • A resource library