Goals, Products & Results

The series’ goals are 

  • Develop an awareness of and appreciation for the natural and historic sites in the Garden State for residents and nonresidents
  • Encourage individuals, families and groups to get out, enjoy and explore
  • Present our story in an entertaining, engaging and lively way with an enthusiastic host
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to find a place to be outdoors either 15 minutes from home, on a daytrip or visiting from out of state
  • Tell the story behind the land and historic sites – how they were saved and preserved
  • Emphasize quality-of-life benefit
  • Focus on stewardship and protecting our open spaces, historic sites and farms

The final products 

  • One 26-minute program (closed captioned) for the web and for broadcast on TV
  • Two-minute trailer for promotion and social media
  • Short videos for the website and social media depending on funding  
  • DVDs of the half-hour program
  • Local premiere of the program

The results

  • Increased use, understanding and appreciation of the local environment and historic sites.
  • Stronger support for farmland, open space and historic preservation and purchasing local.
  • Increased dialogue on issues related to open space and farming. 
  • Stronger connection between the people and the land, creating stronger stewardship, and increased involvement of children and young adults in making active and healthy lifestyle decisions