Yogurt with Fresh Fruit

yogurt making 2008-09-06 028 (3) (640x480)


  • yogurt making 2008-09-06 031 (457x640)For my first foray into yogurt making, I purchased a simple seven-container yogurt maker and followed the easy directions from the instruction booklet.  I have yogurt almost every day, so I plan to experiment each week and will share what I learn.
  • The first batch was made from whole milk, but I plan to try 2% next time.  It was incredibly simple.  I also will try to make Greek yogurt.
  • For now, here’s the recipe I followed from EURO Cuisine with my changes in parens.  Next time, I’ll add one or two tblspns of sugar or honey.

Be sure to read all the instructions on operating the appliance.


  • yogurt making 2008-09-06 025 (457x640)1/2 cup of fresh fruit (I used one cup of fresh local strawberries from Homestead Farm Market in Lambertville)
  • 4 – 5 tblspns of sugar (I didn’t use any, but next time I’ll add one or two tspns – this will vary according to the fruit)
  • 1/3 cup of water (It was too much water – I’m going to just cover the bottom of the pot)
  • 5 tbsps of unflavored yogurt or 1 tbsp of culture (I went with unflavored yogurt)
  • 1 quart milk (I used organic pasteurized whole milk purchased at Bobolink Dairy & Baker from grass-fed cows at Oasis in Bird-in-the-Hand, but plan to try 2% milk)


  • yogurt making 2008-09-06 005 (640x480)Yogurt Maker
  • Deep saucepan
  • Pitcher
  • Whisk
  • Small saucepan
  • Candy thermometer


yogurt making 2008-09-06 033 (640x480)Heat milk in saucepan until it boils and starts to climb the side of the pan.  Stir frequently so the milk doesn’t burn to the bottom. Allow milk to cool to  37° C/95°F.  If you need to quicken the cooling process, place saucepan in a basin of icy water.

At the same time, simmer the strawberries in the water and sugar until thickened – about 15 minutes.  Let cool to 37° C/95°F.

yogurt making 2008-09-06 036 (640x480)In a bowl, stir some of the cooled milk with the yogurt culture until smooth.

Add the remainder of the milk and whisk until smooth.

Stir in cooled chopped fruit.  Pour into pitcher.

Pour the mixture evenly into the seven jars.

yogurt making 2008-09-06 037 (640x480)Place the jars – WITHOUT THE LIDS – in the yogurt maker.  Cover the yogurt maker. Turn on the appliance.

Times vary depending on whether you use whole milk or lowfat milk and whether fruit is added.  This recipe took 8 hours; 2% milk will take 10 hours; skimmed milk about 12 hours.  Yogurt should be refrigerated for three hours before eating.

There was a slight layer of liquid on top of the yogurt I made, which I drained off.  Less water in the strawberries might change that.


2008-10-03 001 015 (640x480)2nd attempt at making yogurt turned out a creamy divine vanilla yogurt to which I added fresh blueberries after it was completely made.

I used 2% milk, added 2 tblspns of sugar, and 2 tblspns of vanilla and heated the yogurt for 10 hours. Chilled overnight.

I was very pleased to find out how easy it was to make the yogurt, especially since I like my yogurt a little sweet, but not as sweet as the ones I purchase.  Plus no more plastic containers.  I’m looking forward to making this regularly. Ideas, recommendations, thoughts welcome.  Please email gnj@greenernewjersey.org. – JoAnne

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