Duke Farms Dialogues


The first in a series of online dialogues between national experts was hosted by Duke Farms on June 25, 2014.

In the conversation, Duke Farms executive director Michael Catania and guests Dr. Robin Leichenko and Dr. Anthony Broccoli examine the impacts of climate change and implications for New Jersey.

This initial dialogue provides natural and social science content as background to the work of the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance that is developing recommendations to enhance New Jersey’s ability to prepare for and adapt to a changing climate.

Watch the one-hour program, taped live at Duke Farms.



We’re all watching as the changing climate is affecting our economy, health, resources, agriculture and the extensive infrastructure system that delivers transportation services, energy and clean water to millions of New Jersey residents. But there are individuals and organizations looking ahead for ways for us to adapt to these oncoming changes – both locally and globally.  

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Host and content provider Duke Farms
Production by Greener New Jersey Productions
In partnership with The New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance

Duke Farms is where creative conservation strategies are put into action. It serves as a place of inspiration and education, demonstrating adaptive management methods for a wide range of conservation issues facing New Jersey. We seek to identify ways to balance growth and preservation, especially since NJ appears likely to be the first in the nation which will achieve complete build out. Visit the Duke Farms website to learn about ongoing activities.

Greener New Jersey Productions is working to further public awareness and appreciation of New Jersey’s outstanding scenic beauty; significant agricultural legacy; and diverse natural, historic and cultural treasures. Through the power of locally produced media, GNJP turns the spotlight on some of the best of New Jersey, encouraging support of, participation in and dialogue about the greener side of the Garden State, connecting people to the land and water.

The New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance is facilitated network of policymakers, public and private sector practitioners, academics, and NGO and business leaders designed to build climate change preparedness capacity in New Jersey. Learn more about the Alliance.  Read the recommendations here.