Pochuck Boardwalk

On the Appalachian Trail


One of the sites to be included in our show is the Pochuck boardwalk, which is part of the Appalachian Trail. Nestled between Pochuck Mountain and Wawayanda Mountain in Wawayanda State Park near the New Jersey/New York border, the 1.5 mile Pochuck boardwalk, bridge & trail provides a pleasant dry walk with panoramic vistas of hawks and herons flying over marshland remaining from a prehistoric lake.


The boardwalk leads to a suspension bridge that rises above flood waters. Then you’re back onto the boardwalk and into a wooded trail full of rocky outcroppings, birdsong, scurrying wildlife – and lots of thru hikers and day trippers.  If you’re in for a longer hike, you can climb Wawayanda Mountain for a scenic view of the surrounding hills and valleys. More info at Wawayanda State Park webpage or NY/NJ Trail Conference webpage.


The Pochuck boardwalk and suspension bridge are ingenious designs by visionaries built with major volunteer help that kept expenses low. The NJ State Park Service, the NY/NJ Trails Conference and many dedicated volunteers help maintain the boardwalk. A good article on the background of the bridge can be found in The Skylands Visitor.