The AT in NJ

A journey through time, nature and community

The Show

GNJP’s newest show will take the viewer on a journey along the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey, meeting day hikers, thru hikers, ghosts from the past, volunteers and stewards.

From the engineering by nature to the engineering by humans, our guide Megan Gunning Patterson will lead the viewer to explore glacial lakes and waterfalls, climb mountains, tramp along footbridges and trails, and examine human-made environments such as forest plantations, trails and structures created by the Civilian Conservation Corps under President Franklin Roosevelt.

Our journey will take us from the large-scale grandness of the mountain ridges to the up close and personal perspective of the trail community: the thru hiker and day tripper and their interaction with trail stewards – employees and volunteers.

The show is currently in the development stage: fundraising, research, advance work and story & script creation. Filming is planned for May through November 2020 with a completed show for TV for spring of 2021.

Above video is a sneak preview of one of the places we’ll film for The AT in NJ – a tranquil view from Stokes State Forest looking west toward the Delaware River & PA. Stokes is rich with wildlife, lakes, streams, miles of trails including the Appalachian Trail & acres of forests – some planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps. A sylvan paradise waiting for you.