What is Greener New Jersey Productions?

Greener New Jersey Productions is a Jersey-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit producing videos on farms and farmers markets, parks and other open spaces in New Jersey for television, web, radio and educational organizations.

Through the power of locally produced media, GNJP turns the spotlight on some of the best of New Jersey, encouraging support of, participation in and dialogue about the greener side of the Garden State.

With its experienced board and advisory committees with deep connections to the community, GNJP is a significant community resource with a well-identified role in the community, providing common ground for civic discourse and an outlet for much needed communications between different groups.

GNJP Produces Two Series for Broadcast and Online

Fresh! & Open Spaces & Historic Places

Greener New Jersey Productions produces video content for TV and Web that is streamed online on this website and distributed to public television stations and cable, reaching millions of households in the form of half-hour programs and shorter clips.

To watch GNJP’s shows, click here.

The two series and other shorter pieces:

  • Take an up-close look at our reliance on the land for sustenance, recreation, renewal and relaxation, and our responsibility to protect our resources.
  • Introduce viewers to the stewards of the land and the individuals who are part of the local movement and are the stars of the shows;
  • Work with the agricultural and environmental community to highlight their work;
  • Be streamed online on this website and distributed to public television stations and other cable outlets including FoodyTV, reaching millions of households.

Invest where you live, work & play

GNJP supports the local economy by encouraging buying local and preserving the environment through responsible stewardship.  Won’t you support our work?




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