Board Members & Production Crew

Greener New Jersey Productions Trustees

Linda L. Coles, Vice Chair
Media Relations at NJM Insurance Group

Dan Saunders, Secretary/Treasurer
Retired Administrator and Deputy State Historic Preservation Officer

Leslie Bensley
Executive Director, Morris County Tourism Bureau

Joann DelVescio (founding member)
Executive Director, NJ Campground Owners Association

Kristina Guttadora
Executive Director, NJ Agricultural Society

Governor Christine Todd Whitman (founding member)
President, The Whitman Strategy Group


Founding Members

Michael Catania, Executive Director
Duke Farms

Greg Marshall  (deceased)
Retired Director of the NJ Division of Parks & Forestry

Art Brown
Former NJ Secretary of Agriculture; Owner, B&B Farms

Greta Kiernan
Creative Consultant and former Assemblywoman

Bob Prewitt (deceased)
Retired President, Dana Communications


Production Team

JoAnne Ruscio
Executive Director, Greener New Jersey Productions, Inc.

Megan Gunning
Host, Fresh! & Open Spaces & Historic Places Series

Robert Szuter
Producer/Editor, Open Spaces & Historic Places Series

Joe Conlon
Videographer, Open Spaces & Historic Places Series

Kirk Sohr
Videographer, Open Spaces & Historic Places Series

Frank Foley
Videographer, Fresh!