Mission and Objectives


Greener New Jersey envisions an increasing awareness and understanding on a state and national level of the resources comprising the greener side of the Garden State with a focus on New Jersey’s fertile and productive farmland, extensive and accessible parks, natural areas and historic sites, rich natural diversity, vibrant history, cultural treasures, scenic landscapes, and the people who provide stewardship of these resources.


GNJP’s mission is to further public awareness and appreciation of New Jersey’s outstanding scenic beauty; significant agricultural legacy; and diverse natural, historic and cultural treasures through the production of public and educational videos for web, television, radio and educational organizations to encourage the support of local farmers, the active enjoyment of the state’s natural and historic resources, and the stewardship of the land.


  • Increased participation in the outdoors, support and use of parks and historic sites, conservation of resources and preservation of open space, and support of heritage tourism
  • An increase in the number of individuals and organizations supporting farms, farmers markets and farmland preservation
  • Enhanced dialogue about the food, land and people connection

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Provide creative, professional and experienced services and products that showcase the diverse natural, historic and cultural resources of the Garden State by providing public and educational programs through a variety of traditional and cutting-edge media.

Create and distribute TV, web and radio productions with educational components on the greener side of New Jersey

  • Produce FRESH! – a series on farms, farmers market and farmers in the Garden State and their connection to the consumer for web and television with selected video and audio for web and radio
  • Produce OPEN SPACES & HISTORIC PLACES – a series on New Jersey’s green areas and open spaces with information on places to go and what to do for web and television with selected video segments for web
  • Produce documentaries on environmental topics for television and web
  • Create and sustain a comprehensive web site and social network on the greener and often lesser known side of New Jersey

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