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New Jersey’s parks, trails, camping sites, forests, rivers, streams, ocean, bays and history come to you in the Open Spaces & Historic Places series of half-hour programs for TV & web!


An exciting new series all about New Jersey farms, farm markets, roadside stands, urban gardens, gleaning and cooking fresh that will be filmed this summer. Each half-hour show includes conversations with farmers, visits to farms and a cooking segment. Show host: Megan Gunning Patterson

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Hartshorne Woods Turkey Swamp & Perrineville Lake 2007-10-19 003 Turkey Swamp & Perrineville Lake 2007-10-18 002 Jockey Hollow 038 blue bells and Morris County 023 Mary & Megan (640x427) Flowers, tomatoes & peaches 023 (640x480) 2008-10-03 001 015 (640x480)