We’re walking, hiking, biking, canoeing and sampling fresh produce in New Jersey.  We’re listening to land and water stewards, environmentalists, farmers, historians and outdoor enthusiasts. We’re turning their stories and our travels into video and images for the web and TV.

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Discover where to hike, swim, kayak and explore!

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Parks, a wildlife refuge, trails, gardens, historic sites and more in Morris County

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The West Windsor Community Farmers Market, farm markets, farms and Tre Piani Restaurant and a special cooking segment on preparing local produce – in central New Jersey – more info

An exciting new TV and web series about New Jersey farms, farmers markets, roadside stands and cooking fresh! Five new episodes in production this June and July 2016.


Real World Science in Your Backyard


Engaging students with the natural world – more info


 New Species of Leopard Frog Survives Super Storm Sandy


They’re survivors. Last year a new species of Leopard Frog was found living in the swamps surrounding New Jersey and New York City. Biologists feared Super Storm Sandy may have destroyed the habitat for the Leopard Frogs. The same researcher who made the discovery was back out this spring and summer to check on the amphibians. The story demonstrates the resilience of nature.

A miracle happened when dedicated environmentalists and visionary funders restored the beach habitat of the Delaware Bayshore after Super Storm Sandy – more info


What is Greener New Jersey Productions?

Through the production of lively, entertaining and informative video content for web and TV, GNJP is showing the richness and accessibility of the greener side of the state – a New Jersey many have forgot existed or never knew was there.  We’re helping to change how the Garden State is perceived.

We hope you will support continued farmland preservation, open space conservation and historic preservation and that you visit the parks, hike the trails, canoe the waterways, camp in the forests, explore historic sites and purchase fresh produce at local farmers’ markets.  

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See you on the trails, in the parks, on the waterways and at historic sites! 

GNJP is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit since June 2012.  All donations are tax deductible.